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Find out how we’re delivering quality to the UK’s best restaurants.

From a humble butcher’s shop in Coventry the company has evolved to become one of the best known catering butchers in the UK. We have grown through our commitment to making the best quality meat available to our customers.

Growing your reputation is our starting point. We work alongside some of the Uk’s most influential and talented chefs for whom quality starts with the bet ingredients.


We mature in the time-honoured way, on the bone in five scientifically structured dry-ageing chambers where space, air flow and humidity are at optimum levels.

Meat scientist Professor Chris Caulkin (founder of the flat-iron steak) stood in front of 30 chefs on a cold January day at our Coventry-based HQ and said that our beef was, “the best example of dry-ageing in the World”. We are proud of what we produce

South West Lamb

The combination of a great natural product and our purchasing philosophy to ‘only buy whole lambs directly from one abattoir to one classification’ has encouraged our chef customers to tell us they get ‘a match made in heaven’. We deliver an unrivalled consistency of shape, size and flavour as well as a great variety of cuts created by our master craftsmen to ensure chefs have a real point-of-difference on their menus

Free-range Pork

Our free-range pork is sourced from Jimmy Butler’s family business, a firm who are as passionate about welfare as we are. They nurture their natural outdoor pig to be bred for succulent fat and ultimate flavour. We only purchase the young, sweet females (known as gilts) from Jimmy and his family and we are the only national catering butcher to do so

Caldecott Chickens

Robert Caldecott’s family poultry business was started in 1933 so there is great synergy between our two companies.Robert advises other poultry farmers and is so respected that in 2017 he won ‘National Poultry Supplier of the Year’. The chickens are a naturally slow-grown bird and nurtured for 15 more days than standard free-range birds to better enhance the flavour and texture

Speciality products

We have so many speciality products. Here are some of the heroes:

  • Iberico Pork
  • Iberico Pork
  • Manx Loaghtan Lamb

Our wholesale service

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