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The first importer and distributor of Hungarian fine food and wine in the UK. We specialise in brining you gourmet delicatessen products with impeccable provenance

Established by Monika and Zoltan, two foodies living in Wales, we are pleased to present to you our hand-picked range, sourced directly from artisan manufacturers located all around the pristine Hungarian countryside. We only work with people who are dedicated to delivering the best products to you, including social co-operatives and family owned micro-businesses.

Let us take you and your customers on a culinary adventure through the “Pantry of Europe”, where century old gastronomic traditions meet a unique climate and excellent geographical conditions. Since the middle ages, Hungarian delicacies were served around the tables of Europe. We want to rekindle this tradition by introducing truly unique Hungarian honey, paprika, goose liver, vinegars, oils, wines and truffle delicacies.

It has become such a cliché that you are what you eat, yet it really is that simple. Over the years, we have seen the demand for natural, gluten-free, lactose-free and preservative-free products increase, and our products fit in with these trends, ensuring that all of your customers can find something tasty for themselves.

In 2018 our products proved themselves at the Great Taste Award, where 11 of them were recognised. The winners range from a 3 Star winning Lightly Toasted Pumpkin Seed Oil, through our Balsamic Pear and Lavender Vinegar to our Raw Acacia Honey, which received 2 Stars the first time upon entering the heat of international competition.

To help you uncover the treasure-trove of delicacies that we have to offer, we would be more than happy to send you some samples of goods selected by you, so please get in touch and start your delicious journey of discovery.

Artisan Goose Liver

Rex Ciborum’s history started back in 1896, and since then it has become the pre-eminent producer of goose and duck liver delicacies in Hungary. They combine a traditional approach of care and attention to detail with modern technologies and the highest welfare standards.

Black Truffle delicacies

The products of Hungarian Heritage were created with loving care and using the finest ingredients, to bring you the flavours of the Golden Age of Hungary. Their range has been inspired by traditional recipes and handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail.


Danubius Caviar was launched by the ELŐRE Fishing Cooperative in Western Hungary, in 2012. The company started out in 1990’s with the express aim of repopulating sturgeon and sterlet into the Danube River, where both fish are indigenous. Their expansion into caviar production is centred around over 65 years of tradition and know-how, allied with a dedication to continuous innovation and an incessant pursuit of excellence.


The Stühmer brand offers a chocolate for every mood and every occasion. The company is Hungary’s first chocolate maker, founded by Frederick Stühmer, a Master Confectioner from Hamburg, Germany.


It has become such a cliché that you are what you eat, yet it really is that simple. Over the years, we have seen the demand for natural, gluten-free, lactose-free and preservative-free products increase, and all our products fit in with these trends.

Additionally, as the use of genetically modified crops is forbidden in Hungary, you can be certain that all our products are GMO-free.


The special climate and soil means that Hungarian honey possesses a unique taste and is of an exceptional quality. We teamed up with small family-run apiaries, who are running their bee farms sustainably and care deeply about their bees!


The finest paprika powder made from raw red peppers grown in the world-renowned region around Kalocsa. Whether you like it sweet or hot, you can be assured that you are getting a premium quality product of outstanding colour and an intense aroma, that only the best Hungarian paprika can provide.

Oils and Butters

A thick and luxurious butter made from selected pumpkin seeds and bursting with roasted flavour and nutty aroma. Prepared using a traditional method which preserves the pumpkin seeds’ natural taste and all their healthy goodness.


We bring you these unique and delicious salamis in collaboration with Fekedi Stifolder UK. The salamis are all lovingly made by a family company, who specialise in producing the highest quality salamis using traditional Swabian recipes, the finest Hungarian ingredients and modern technology. Their products are widely acclaimed by critics and consumers alike, winning numerous awards along the way.


In all cultures where alcoholic fermentation was used, vinegar was also discovered. It is known that exposing alcoholic drinks to air for a long period will transform the alcohol into vinegar.

In the past most vinegars were made from fruit, wine and beer. Nowadays apple, grape must and wine-based products are the most popular, and with the trend towards the latter becoming especially pronounced in haute-cuisine.

Wines and Spirits

The Béres Vineyards and Winery were established in 2002, located in the scenic Tokaj Wine Region, a UNESCO Historic Cultural Landscape. Their aim since the very beginning was to create exceptional wines that live up to the name and prestige of the Tokaj Wine Region.


We are always looking to have our Hungarian products featured in more locations, therefore if you run a Farm shop or Deli shop, and are looking to expand your range with the finest delicacies from the continent, then please contact us using the icons on the right.

A wide variety of single-flower honeys and Hungarian paprika powders are available in bulk, please contact us if you are interested.

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