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Artisanal melting vegan cheese

Identifying with the punk root of veganism and preferring a pragmatic, no-BS approach, my mission is to create the ‘cheesy’ textures and flavours that most of us grew up with and many of us find hard to give up when going vegan.

After a decade in biological sciences, I knew I needed to make a change. I was stressed out, overworked and heading into a career that was increasingly at odds with my vegan ethics. I left academia in 2016 and shortly after realised that I could combine my love of plant-based cooking with the scientific training I’d received.

Black Arts vegan is passionate about the environment and standing up for animals rights by bringing delicious melting cheeses to the masses. We use sustainable, reused or recycled packaging wherever possible and choose the highest quality ingredients for our products.

With a delicate balance of science and alchemy, Black Arts Vegan makes cheese without the blood sacrifice.

Black Arts Vegan specialises in melting vegan cheeses. Our signature range will melt and brown under a hot grill and will stay gooey in your toastie! We also have a range of delicious, tofu-based, spreadable cheeses which look great on a cheeseboard and are delicious when warm or baked with. All our products are soy-based and most are completely nut-free.

Red Queen

A semi-mild cheese with notes of mustard and a fiery kick of spicy smoked paprika. It boasts a smooth and creamy texture.

Ingredients: Organic soy milk (soy), coconut oil, tapioca flour, kappa carrageenan, natural flavourings (mustard), ground rock salt, lactic acid, truffle salt, smoked paprika. Contains: soy, mustard

Green Goddess

Let the Green Goddess add a little flair to your dish – great in sandwiches, wraps and burgers or as an extra fancy pizza cheese. Grate for best melting results. One round (approx 140g) is enough for two 12″ pizzas.

Ingredients: Organic soy milk, coconut oil, tapioca flour, fresh basil, kappa carrageenan, ground rock salt, lactic acid. Contains: soy

Smoke on the Water

A vegan take on everyone’s favourite smoked cheeses – a red, sharp cheddar with a rock and roll hit of Hickory smoke. Grates, slices and melts.

Ingredients: Soy yoghurt (soy), filtered water, coconut oil, tapioca flour, nutritional yeast, kappa carrageenan, organic dark organic miso paste (soy), tomato paste, spices (mustard), rock salt, lactic acid, pure liquid Hickory smoke. Contains: soy, mustard

White Witch

Our first offering from the vegan cheese altar. Delicious on pizzas, grate for the best melty goodness. One round (approx. 140g) is enough for two 12″ pizzas.

Ingredients: Organic soy milk, coconut oil, tapioca flour, kappa carrageenan, ground rock salt, lactic acid. Contains: soy


A mediterranean influenced, ricotta-style cheese, rather like a Cypriot Anari. Soy-based, with a fresh flavour of salt and mint. Excellent for spreading, snacking, baking and crumbling on your salads.

Ingredients: Tofu (soy), fresh mint leaves, nutritional yeast, olive oil, coconut oil, lactic acid, rock salt. Contains: soy


Creamy and bold with a pop of sweet apricot and ending with notes of citrus and cardamom. Another of our versatile tofu-based cheeses that can be enjoyed cold or warm. An excelletn dessert cheese.

Ingredients: Tofu (soy), coconut oil, olive oil, dried apricots, toasted almonds, nutiritional yeast, salt, lactic acid, spices, truffle oil, almond essence. Contains: soy, almond


The third love in our range of tofu-based spreadable’s, Venus is an enchanting blend of fresh garlic and chive and fines de herbes. For luxurious bagels and cheeseboards or warmed in pasta dishes and more!

Ingredients: Tofu, fresh chive, fresh garlic, fines des herbes, nutritional yeast, ground rock salt, coconut oil, olive oil, lactic acid


We provide cheese at wholesale for catering in packs of 1.2kg or ‘Split Packs’ – a wholesale block which has been split into 6 x 200g pieces

All our products are cold-shipped overnight to ensure freshness. Shipping costs: £12 up to 30kg, Parcelforce Express24. Collection from New River Studios in North London (free)

Please get in touch to request a price list. Ask us about booking a free demonstration in your kitchen to get the best out of our products.

If you’re looking for advice on creating incredible vegan options for your restaurant, cafe or kitchen we can help! We also love co-creation – if you have a cheesy idea in mind, let’s make some magick together!

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