Chilli and fruit blended drinks designed to awaken your senses through a natural endorphin release that replaces the need for alcohol

We’ve all been there on a night out, not drinking alcohol for one reason or another. Designated driver, pregnant, dry Jan, or through choice.

Whenever I am asked “what would you like to drink”, I would try and think of something interesting, but through lack of choice of premium soft drinks, would ultimately end up choosing from the myriad of bland, sugary, acidic drinks we have on offer. Normally I would end up with a Ginger Beer, or sparkling water, “whoo hoo”, and shortly after this gastronomique experience, would decide I’d had enough, and go home.

In 2014 I set out on a mission to create a unique and sophisticated drink that would not just transform a non-drinkers experience, but enhance it. I like the occasional Virgin Mary, and I say occasional, as we know where you would end up if you have too many. Ginger Beer! But they are too sweet, and sweet drinks often left you with the furry teeth phenomenon. The kick of the tabasco, or the spice of ginger, is what I actually enjoyed “lightbulb moment”. I thought why not combine chilli and natural juices, and boy did it work. I found the chilli kick was like the warm sensation of alcohol, and it gave you a bit of a lift.

The more I discovered about chilli, the more I realised the opportunity. Chilli is a great taste enhancer, which has allowed us to produce a drink that is very low in sugar and that pairs well with food. Chilli also has a the multitude of health benefits and is known to, be very high in vitamin C, aid weight loss, lower insulin levels, help fight cancer, and naturally stimulate your mood, as the capsicum releases endorphins.

Unfortunately, whilst in the throws of creating the Holy Grail of soft drinks, I fell ill. Jump forward two years, I’m back. One has become three, as two of my closest friends, Lee and Simon, embraced the idea and joined me to realise the vision and revelation of chillio.

The last year we have all been working hard producing some amazing flavour combinations using different types of chilli, looking at their provenance and pairing them with complimentary fruits. We have tried our inaugural combinations on anyone who is fortunate to come round, but I must say the feedback has been brilliant. We also found they were a fantastic mixer, as some friends and family chose to accompany with various spirits. In fact they mix extremely well with vodka, and gin, and are a knockout with tequila.

We hope you like what you hear, and we are keen for you to join us on the Chillio journey. We think feedback is essential and welcome your thoughts, no matter how random.

Pineapple, Coconut and Lime blended with a mellow kick of Pasilla chilli

A lightly sparkling and refreshing blend of Natural Pineapple Coconut and Lime, infused with sweet, earthy notes of the Pasilla Chilli, that leave your senses tingling and wanting more.

1 chilli heat rating. No refined sugar, vegan and gluten free

Watermelon and Prickly Pear blended with a warm kick of Habanero chilli

A lightly sparkling and revitalising, blend of Natural watermelon and prickly pear , infused with the fruity and spicy Habanero Chilli, that will give you a warm glow.

2 chilli heat rating. No refined sugar, vegan and gluten free

Pink Grapefruit and Ginger blended with a fiery kick of Jalapeno chilli‍

A lightly sparkling and zesty blend of natural grapefruit and ginger, infused with fiery jalapeno chilli, to give you an intense sensation.

3 chilli heat rating. No refined sugar, vegan and gluten free

Chillio mixed case

Mixed case, 8 of each flavour
‍8 x Chillio Pineapple Coconut lime and Passila
8 x Chillio Pink Grapefruit Ginger and Jalapeno
8 x Watermelon Prickly Pear and Habenero.

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