Comesto-BlueCart for Suppliers

The ultimate customer management app

Manage all of your customers on one easy-to-use platform. From catalogue creation and eCommerce to delivery scheduling, BlueCart has you covered.

Comesto and BlueCart are designed to work together to provide the best support package for your business. Think of Comesto as supplying marketing, getting your brand in front of clients and supplying leads, with BlueCart as the powerful back office management system, organising sales and relationship management and increasing efficiency, with a powerful eCommerce platform making ordering from you a simple task.

A market leader from the USA, but now adapted for the UK market, BlueCart is a versatile, simple to use software package designed to work with single site businesses up to the largest multi level distribution operations. Designed to be used as both a multi user office platform and a mobile facility out on the road for sales reps, with clients, to take orders and showcase your goods and services.

BlueCart for Wholesalers

BlueCart works with some of the biggest names in wholesale delivery in the United States, its credentials and capabilities are tested and the simple to use system can handle the largest and most diverse catalogues.

On average BlueCart users experience an 82% decrease in returned goods and a 15% increase in order size. Catalogues can be personalised, discounts shown and Comesto will work with you all the way through set up, training and making BlueCart work exactly to your needs.

BlueCart for F&B Suppliers

From fresh produce and artisan foodstuffs, to wines and spirits, BlueCart is designed to run your order and delivery operations. Keep it simple with our free entry level service, or for a small monthly fee let the expanded service look after every aspect of relationship management while you get on with looking after what you went into business for.

While Comesto is bringing in new clients and promoting your goods, BlueCart will look after those clients by giving them a professional method of accessing your product range, prices, ordering and arranging flexible delivery options. All designed to free up time at your end and give your clients a frictionless path to purchasing.

BlueCart for Equipment and Services Suppliers

Digital platforms for suppliers of equipment and services just simply don’t exist, Comesto-BlueCart is here to change that. When a restaurateur, manager or landlord needs what you offer, that’s when they need as much information as possible, choice and a clear path to purchase. Our service is designed to not only market what you do and keep you in the prospects mind for when they need you, but by using BlueCart you can showcase what you do, offer discounts, take orders and arrange delivery. In the office and out on the road.

With a simple to set up eCommerce shop front and flexible pricing, BlueCart is designed to handle the needs of multi-level stockists, such as catering equipment and uniforms, but also manage orders and customer relationships for single service suppliers such as cleaning services and maintenance.

For all types of user, setting up is simple and intuitive and our entry level service is completely free of charge. BlueCart really is a no risk way of taking your business on to the next level, giving your team the time to wow your customers with top level service and management.

What does BlueCart Supply?

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