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Your Comesto business profile is a personalised shopfront from which buyers can purchase direct, open lines of communication and access their order information.

Your free business profile makes sure you are looking good, persuasive and ready to do business.

Quick and intuitive to access and update, we make it easy to keep your offer fresh and relevant. Daily/weekly specials, seasonal goods, end of line discounts and new lines and always connected to people who are needing to purchase now.

The smart part of the service is that we don’t just let your profile hang there waiting to be found in a search, we promote it and connect it to buyers who have a purchasing history of using what you supply.

Comesto buyers need to know they are buying the best, getting the best deal and keeping their offer fresh.

So for food and drink suppliers we ensure that your business profile promotes your company as an alternative to our buyers current supplier, or as a new offer, an exciting addition to their current menu or bar list.

For suppliers of equipment and services, it’s exactly the same, we get your company profile in front of the buyer when they need you, but our inbuilt marketing platform also ensures that you have an ongoing presence, delivering your sales message whenever they login.

And for all suppliers, if you need to increase your market visibility even more, perhaps you have a new range to promote, or need a new website, checkout our Marketing Services.

What buyers see in your Business Profile

  1. Company name headline
  2. Company logo
  3. Contact details
  4. Main image
  5. Location Google map
  6. Social links
  7. 3 tabbed pages of content
  8. Your special offers and promotions
  9. Other images
comesto supplier profile page features

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