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The whole purpose of our service is to take away the hassle and expense of buying, selling and supplying a service in the hospitality industry.

Comesto gives you access to a buyer’s marketplace where you can promote your business

BlueCart is our free software platform for you to maximise business efficiency

As a supplier, winning and keeping clients is the lifeblood of how you survive and prosper, let us show you how we can run this for you, letting you get on with creating what your clients want.

Spending time and money on Sales staff or services and not getting the results?

Cold calls and unsolicited emails have never been popular or effective and soon actually illegal. You need an alternative and to sell to people who you can contact legally, are ready to buy and wish to try what you have to offer. Comesto enables you to reach buyers who are actively looking for what you sell and then enables you to give them your best sales pitch.

The concept is simple. Comesto is a business club, our buyers have signed up because they are looking for new items and the best deals. For suppliers we enable your sales collateral to be promoted directly on our buyers Comesto portal and internal social media feed. Your free profile page is marketed in our news services and can be found in a search.

We are here to support your Sales people. Use Comesto as a sales tool to gain new clients and increase revenue from existing customers. Your Comesto membership will assist in showing your customers a better, more direct way of buying from you and strengthening your relationship, (we also offer a nice bonus for every client you sign up to Comesto).

Running series of systems and spreadsheets to keep client records and communications in some sense of order?

BlueCart from Comesto is designed specifically for businesses supplying to the hospitality industry. Linking you to your clients controlling to the whole supply process. Manage all of your customers from the office, or mobile with the customer, control your catalogues and pricing for all of your clients, increase sales by promoting weekly specials and trade direct via the eCommerce platform that comes with the system.

All giving you the best opportunity of supplying the attentive accurate service your customers need. Once you are set up with a Bluecart account, you have a connected range of tools to manage the whole process of customer relationship management.

Looking for maximum price and visibility to sell your excess stock? New customers can come from adopting new routes to market for your whole range, including your excess stock. Takestock from Comesto is an eCommerce excess/end of line buyer and supplier platform designed to promote your goods to the widest buying audience and get you the best possible price. Fast efficient and a ready audience looking for end of line bargains.

Comesto is the future model for B2B supply and demand. Futureproof, efficient and cost-effective.

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