Comesto Marketing

Ditch the traditional agency for your Marketing and Advertising and create your own ‘Mad Men’ approach

Your Comesto membership comes complete with a marketing platform, from there it’s a simple cost efficient process to use this to improve any part of your marketing output.

Comesto is a powerful, cost effective alternative to expensive advertising and marketing campaigns, we make sure you are there to be found when buyers are looking for what you supply, and we also promote you professionally and effectively whenever they login to their purchasing portal or check out their Comesto social feed.

More effective than traditional advertising and marketing and our ‘Bronze’ level Marketing is free with your Comesto membership!

Upgrade and Grow

But no business or market stands still. Your range, your services and your approach will change and need to change on a regular basis to remain competitive and relevant.

Comesto Marketing is designed to assist with the changing needs of your business. We offer a broad range of add on services to help you grow and prosper as you work with the needs of changing markets.

Faster and more efficient than traditional agencies and priced to work with your budget. Our Marketing services are designed to need and can be added as a manageable addition to you monthly membership fee.

Services include:

Marketing: Within the Comesto community and the broader hospitality sector, any information you need to promote can be created and managed by Comesto. Social Media output, blogging, content creation, brochures and exhibition services, we do it all.

PR: From media relations to intense promotion of your brand. Comesto’s highly experienced PR staff can make you and your company the rockstars of your sector. Become the go to commentators for your media and gain crucial column inches to raise visibility and authority.

Advertising: We create targeted advertising within our buyer community and use our media buying skills to take that out to your trade press, or create a digital campaign.

Websites: Your website will eventually need changing, a dated old brochure site will lose you business. Comesto’s web wizards and graphic designers have many years of experience designing top class industry web builds. We make modern responsive websites that are designed to win you business. Packed with the latest digital trading and promotional features and designed by people who work with the sectors you sell to.

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