Dudda's Tun Cider

Producing farm-made Cider and Perry from 100% fresh pressed English apples and pears with wild yeast fermentation since 2009 – Kent to the core!

At Dudda’s Tun we pride ourselves on pressing our own apples grown at Pine Trees Farm, always fermenting from 100% freshly pressed juice, and using wild yeasts to produce cider true to our unique region in the heart of Kent.

Dudda is believed to have been an 11th century person who set up a farmstead (Tun), which over hundreds of years became a village, known today as Doddington, the village where our farm and cidery is based.

Dudda’s Tun offers a unique range of small-batch craft cider across three different ranges. The core bag-in-box range comprises of 12 traditional still ciders, and the core bottled range comprises of 10 varieties (mainly lightly sparkling, although some have been kept traditionally still). We also enjoy experimenting and keeping things fresh with our special edition ciders, including Hop Grenade (Green Hopped Cider).

Traditional Range – Uncompromised real cider
Always hand-picked and farm pressed to ensure maximum flavour. Our Traditional range uses varieties specially selected and blended to make our farm grown apples the star of the show!

Available in this range: Original, Disco, Bone Dry, Greenhorn, Sweet Apple, Perry

Fruit Range – Fruity beauties
Our range of fruit ciders showcases the perfect harmony of cider and fruit. Specially selected fruits are chosen to complement the delicate Kentish apples used in our traditional cider to create a beautifully fruity taste.

Available in this range: Cherry, Blackcurrant, and Apricot.

Fusion Range Tasty ciders with attitude
Our exciting Fusion range represents our own unique take on producing ciders with a modern twist. Traditional ciders at heart are blended with specially selected ingredients to create super tasty fusions.

Available in this range (in BIB and bottles): Salted Caramel, Elderflower, and Spiced.

Original – Alc vol 6.5%

A smooth blend of Russet, Cox & Bramley, this refined medium cider is packed full of flavour. Bottled version comes lightly sparkling.

Greenhorn – Alc vol 5.2%

A light, medium cider, with crisp & refreshing green apple undertones. Bottled version comes lightly sparkling.

Perry – Alc vol 5.5%

A well balanced perry, with subtle honey notes. Produced from super ripe Comice pears. Bottled version comes lightly sparkling.

Disco – Alc vol 5.6%

First press of the season. This medium/dry cider delivers super appley flavour from our farm grown Discovery apples. Bottled version comes lightly sparkling.

Sweet Apple – Alc vol 5.3%

Bursting with fresh picked apple flavour, this sweet cider is deliciously moreish, with soft honey notes.

Bone Dry – Alc vol 5.5%

A clean, crisp and full-dry cider. Made from Katy & Bramley apples – refreshing to the end!

Cherry – Alc vol 4.0%

A sumptuous blend of cider and cherry. Not too sweet and full of fruity cherry flavour. Bottled version comes lightly sparkling.

Apricot – Alc vol 4.0%

A delicious blend of sweet apricot and apple. Light & moreish! Bottled version comes lightly sparkling.

Blackcurrant – Alc vol 4.0%

Full of flavour, this sumptuous dark cider is a delightful blend of blackcurrant and apple, with a deep, sweet flavour, but crisp and refreshing finish.

Salted Caramel – Alc vol 4.0%

A perfect marriage of fresh apples & caramel, with just a hint of salt.

Elderflower – Alc vol 4.0%

The perfect blend of cider and fresh elderflower, with a gentle sweetness and clean finish. Bottled version comes lightly sparkling.

Spiced – Alc vol 4.0%

A classic aromatic blend of cider and seasonal spices. Great for all seasons, but especially tasty as a festive treat!


Dudda’s Tun can be found in most micro-pubs across Kent and has notched up 25 awards (…and counting!).

Our bottle and bag-in-box ranges are available for wholesale either directly, through EeBria Trade, or through one of our distributors. Please get in touch using the icons to the right, for more information.

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