Find quality, independent food and drink suppliers for your business

Buy from the market not just a catalogue

Wholesalers are great for stock items, but increasingly their range is not reflecting what is available from the huge growth in quality producers that are now out there.

Customers are increasingly asking for more variety and quality.
From healthier options to ethically sourced ingredients they expect you to cater for their needs and if you don’t your competitors will.

Comesto is free for trade buyers and provides a one stop solution to this demand. We source the exiting new products and services that your customers are asking for.

We let you deal directly with these suppliers to enable you to negotiate the best deals, saving you time and money.

Exciting new products and services to tempt customers to spend

Comesto is a smart search, compare and purchase service for you to buy high quality, high margin products, the broadest range at the best prices. An exciting selection of new suppliers you won’t see in your wholesalers’ catalogue.

High quality high margin products, trade prices

With customers demanding ever more choice and innovation, Comesto offers a simple, direct way to deal directly with a carefully selected range of specialist suppliers, giving your bar and kitchen a competitive edge.

Get great deals and compare supplier prices

All of our suppliers offer quality goods and want to sell directly to you. They offer trade prices and pack sizes and offer flexible delivery schedules. By cutting out the middleman we free up our suppliers to sell at their best prices and promote special offers, something a wholesaler can’t do.

Saving you time and money

Purchasing through Comesto offers the benefits of dealing face to face, with the opportunity to broker the best deal and discuss the value of the product, but at a time to suit you.

Let us show you how it works

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And we send you your own purchasing portal. From here you can search for any item, compare the offers, prices, request samples and check reviews. We also alert you to special deals designed to your needs through the same portal. New items, price reductions and new suppliers, all part of the service we offer.

Search by food and drink type, location, dietary requirements or price. Every supplier has a full business profile page designed to tell you all about them and what they supply, prices, pack sizes, current offers and product reviews.

You can then click the ‘contact me’ button or call or email them for more information. If you are pleased with the information, the product and the prices, you just order as you would from any other supplier.

But the Comesto service doesn’t stop there

We also supply a free purchasing management system to help you record and reorder anything you buy for your venue and not just from Comesto. BlueCart stockroom software enables you to drop in the product range and order details from all of your suppliers, from the largest wholesaler, to your local suppliers.

Managing your business was never so easy and efficient!

And once you’ve got your business running efficiently and supplying what your customers want you may be thinking of expanding.

Comesto can help you there as well. In conjunction with inploi we offer a service to sort out your recruitment requirements plus a directory of great support services – from finding a new business, to software and training courses, all designed to help you grow and run your business efficiently.

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