Deal direct with 1,000’s of trade buyers searching for your products and services

Selling to restaurants and pubs suddenly became a lot easier

We promote suppliers of top quality products to discerning trade buyers looking for high quality alternatives to support the stock items they purchase from wholesalers.
A typical Comesto supplier is a producer or supplier of distinctive food or drink items designed to add a fresh new offer to boost choice and sales in bars and restaurants.

Sell directly to trade buyers

Bypass the wholesaler and deal direct. If you have the goods and the prices to supply to the trade, we’re here to connect you to our buyers.

Promote offers and new items

Comesto Marketplace is the purchasing platform where our buyers search for new suppliers, compare alternatives and it’s where we market your brand. Because enquiries about your products come straight from the buyer, you have more control, giving you far more opportunity to design a package to suit both yourselves and the client.

Receive regular sales enquiries

If our buyers search for what you supply, your Comesto business profile is what they see. A personalised shopfront from which they can order direct, request a call, or request a sample. Comesto also drives traffic to your website and eCommerce page, we help nurture one off buyers to become regular trade clients.

Spend more time on your products and less time on chasing customers

Modern marketing demands that you have a ready, relevant audience to promote your goods to. This is difficult to do, costly and time-consuming. Comesto gives you that buyer base to market to, dedicated trade buyers looking for what you sell and a direct way of constantly promoting your brand while you get on with producing great goods.

Let us show you how it works
Winning new customers and keeping them, is what Comesto was designed for. Sometimes even the best award winning food and drink products are not getting the exposure and therefore the sales they deserve, we aim to change this.
By promoting your brand directly to buyers, we can cut what you spend on sales staff and advertising or marketing services, giving you more time and money to concentrate on running your business and producing quality goods.

Comesto membership offers three distinct advantages over selling through wholesalers:

On their Comesto portal, your brand, products, website and special offers are promoted to buyers, enabling sales enquiries and direct orders. It’s a live marketplace not just an image in a catalogue

You deal on your terms. Your prices, discounts and special deals for favoured clients

Selling directly to our restaurant and pub buyers builds relationships, trust and regular orders

But the Comesto service doesn’t stop there

Membership comes with free BlueCart business management software to process and despatch all of your orders, not just items from Comesto.

innovation and sales are the lifeblood of any business and whether you’re looking for new customers, launching a new product or trying to get more from your marketing budget, Comesto can help.

Comesto offer great sales and marketing support services for your business. You can contact thousands of our buyers with your new lines or latest offers.

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