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For every creative chef and talented landlord, there’s a whole load of hard working suppliers supporting them. Without suppliers like you getting the right goods to the right place at the right time, no pub, restaurant, or cafe could exist.

Comesto is designed to make this process more efficient.

Comesto membership offers two key facilities: firstly you automatically have direct access to our restaurant and pub buyers, getting your brand promoted on their purchasing portal and receiving sales enquiries from them. Secondly via BlueCart, our system streamlines the whole order and supply process. You get mobile and online access to run client accounts, arrange deliveries and raise and send invoices. Give customers and prospects the information they need by customising prices, promoting offers and new items and supplying delivery information, all within a simple intuitive system.

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Promote your business to buyers who need what you supply

Comesto Marketplace is the purchasing platform where our buyers place regular orders, compare alternatives and where we use your free business profile to market your brand. Standard food and drink items, exciting alternatives, equipment and services, if they need what you supply, your Comesto business profile is what they see, a personalised shopfront from which they can order direct.

Install our free Comesto-BlueCart service and transform the way you do business. A platform to promote your catalogue, take and manage orders and delivery schedules, and an eCommerce shopfront.

Winning new customers and keeping them

Comesto doesn’t just promote your business, we make it easy and efficient for you to sell and easy and efficient to order from you. A Comesto buyer is far more likely to order from a Comesto supply member, simply because the system ensures open and efficient communication and lines of supply.

We also make it easier to easier to sell your excess stock. Takestock is a service embedded as part of your Comesto portal, enabling you to post your unwanted, or end of line stock to a huge database of buyers.

Personal attention to raise your brand above the competition

Your marketing budget needs to be used wisely. Comesto Marketing is a personalised service that you can turn on or off to suit your promotional needs. Launching a new product, need to compete against established brands, a new website, a rebrand?

We are industry marketing experts, let us show you how to get you looking and sounding at your best, how to deliver the right message to your prospects within the Comesto purchasing community and the broader industry. And all for an easy to manage set monthly fee.

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