Labi Craft Beer

Italian Craft Beer, now available in the UK

The team behind Labi Beer is introducing a great new approach to drinking beer in bars and restaurants in the UK.

Offering distinctive quality bottled craft beers in a range of sizes and seven types of flavour, Labi promotes its beers not only as session drinking ales served in bottles sized both to share or as an individual serving but also promotes Labi beers as a great alternative to wine to accompany a meal.

Distinctive and stylish the bottles have the feel of a quality product designed to be savoured and appreciated for the quality taste and character that delivers across the whole range. From the 4.5% vol citrussy and refreshing La Bianca to the gutsy La Nera imperial stout with toasted notes and cocoa aromas coming in at a satisfying 7.0% vol.

The team at Labi offer full guidance around how to serve at the bar and how to present Labi as an alternative to the wine list with meals – and for professional chefs, their range of beers can be used in cooking with a great menu list available.

Labi wants to change beer drinking in the UK – contact them today to find out how to add quality and choice to your offer.

La Bianca – 4.5% vol

Top-fermented beer, clear and opalescent in colour, with a persistent head. Orange peel, coriander and cardamom aroma. Refreshing, slightly acidic taste from the wheat.

La Bionda – 4.8% vol

Top-fermented beer, golden yellow in colour with a persistent head. Cereal and grassy aroma, from the hops. Fresh taste, delicately bitter and pleasant; not very full-bodied, with a medium sweet finish.

La Ambrata – 6.0% vol

Top-fermented beer, yellow-amber in colour with a creamy head. Fresh tasting tropical fruit, mango and grapefruit aroma. Full-bodied and decisively bitter, thanks to the strong dry hopping.

La Rossa – 6.5% vol

Top-fermented Belgium beer, intense red colour, compact with a creamy head. Intense toffee, caramel and ripe red fruit aroma. Sweet and balanced flavour.

La Dorata – 7.0% vol

Top-fermented Tripel beer, golden yellow in colour with a creamy persistent head. Grassy and resinous aroma, from dry hopping. Persistently spicy, pleasantly bitter with a balanced and dry finish.

La Nera – 7.0% vol

Top-fermented Imperial Stout, dark brown in colour with a creamy persistent head. Dominant liquorice and coffee aroma; decisively bitter, balanced and resinous. Sweet with a balanced flavour.

La Gluten Free – 5.0% vol

Top-fermented beer, golden yellow in colour with a creamy persistent head. Honey and grassy aroma from the hops. Medium-bodied, fresh tasting, delicately bitter and pleasant; sweet at the beginning with a medium dry finish.

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Available in 750 ml, 500 ml and 330 ml bottles

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