Deal direct with thousands of trade buyers

Comesto, where discerning trade buyers tap into the unique potential of independent food and drink producers

The Comesto advantage

Bypass the wholesaler and deal direct. If you have a distinctive offer and great prices for trade customers, we’re here to connect you to our buyers

Comesto is a marketplace where buyers looking for new food and drink ideas can search for and send live enquiries to potential new suppliers

Be found, be contacted and negotiate directly with professionals who are looking for exactly what you offer and are ready to buy

What you get with Comesto

Your Comesto profile page

Your Comesto profile gets you noticed and brings in trade enquiries

Buyers can:

Follow: Your followers are buyers who are specifically interested in your products and want to receive your new offers and deals on their Comesto portal
Request a sample: Buyers can request samples if appropriate
Call me back: If a supplier wants to talk, they can request a call with you here
Contact supplier: A direct request by email
Quote me: If they have a regular order, or they are looking for your best price, your chance to respond

One fee: £30 a month (plus VAT)

Two months free of charge to establish your profile with our buyers, then £30.00 per month

Cancellation at any time

A new way to find trade customers