Olly's Olives

Unpasteurised olives in consumer friendly pouches, bursting with juicy fresh flavour and free from artificial preservatives

My love for olives was born over a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. I am serious. It was me or my best mate who was going to buy the first load for us to try. Luckily, I won, and I had my first introduction to the wondrous olive world. I’ll never forget those big, juicy olives – their delicious flavour, crunchy texture and perfectly balanced marinades. (I also managed to keep a few pounds in my pocket – always go rock!)

However, I soon realized that not every olive gave me the same reaction. I learnt that companies committed olive treason by pasteurizing them, adding artificial preservatives and mixing them with dull ingredients. It was time for me to stand up for my olive comrades and do what was right – get my Olly’s Olives “Marination for the Nation” on!

It seems like a long time ago that I was mixing olives in my parents’ kitchen and getting an earful for staining the wooden floors. But, I can finally introduce you all to the product that is going to revolutionize the olive market. Our promise – never to pasteurize our olives, to make sure that every pouch oozes freshness and that you can also be introduced to the wondrous olive world (because everyone comes round to it eventually!)

Chilli and Rosemary

Available in 30g and 50g pouches

The fiery olive that puts the wild in the wild west. These sizzling green Halkidiki Olives are spiced up with a tummy tingling marinade of raging Red Chilies, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a rousing sprinkle of Rosemary.

Basil and Garlic

Available in 30g and 50g pouches

The classy olive that shakes and stirs the suaveness at every soiree. These chivalrous green Halkidiki Olives are dressed up in a mouth-watering concoction of graceful Garlic, bewitching Basil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Lemon and Thyme

Available in 50g pouches

The funky olive that brings the free-loving spirit to our freshly-seasoned movement. These groovy green Halkidiki Olives are jazzed up in a flavour fiesta of luscious Lemons, tantalising Thyme, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a righteous sprinkle of Rosemary.

Olly’s Nuts – Sweet & Spicy, Baked & Salted, Sweet Chilli & Lime, Smoked

A premium mix of loose jumbo peanuts, Californian Almonds and Indian Cashews available in a variety of delicious flavours. Comes with branded tags.

Olly’s Giant Corn – Chilli

Hot, spicy and crunchy giant chilli corn, available loose to be decanted into Kilner Jars. Comes with branded tags.

Available in the following sizes

Olly’s Olives 50g Pouches – 12 x 50g retail ready case

Olly’s Olives 30g Pouches – 24 x 30g retail ready case

Olly’s Nuts 3kg case (2 x 1.5kg bags)

Olly’s Corn 2kg case (2 x 1kg bags)

Volume discounts are available. Free delivery on orders over £100

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