The world’s first crunchy savoury pasta snack

Giuseppe and Roberto are two men from very different backgrounds but who share a passion for great Italian food.

Giuseppe is a serial entrepreneur who has been in business for over 40 years and Roberto a chef who’s flair in the kitchen is matched only by his curiosity out of it.

When Giuseppe opened, his first restaurant Roberto joined him to run the kitchen.

Roberto had been playing with ideas to create a crunchy snack made from Pasta and with Joe’s help, and a lot of trial, error and late nights Pastinos was born.

It took several years to perfect the recipe but finally in 2014 Pastinos finally opened for business, and today Pastinos are enjoyed not only in the UK but also by consumers all over the world.

Discover for yourself why nothing crunches like Pastinos.

Arrabiatta Chilli and Tomato

A uniquely crunchy take on an Italian favourite, the luscious flavour rich ripe tomatoes and fiery red chilli give way to a gentle spicy edge that is simply irresistible. Perfect with a cold beer… Deliziozo!

Chianti and Olive

A delicious infusion of robust warming red wine and the gentle flavour of olives that will transport you to a sun drenched Tuscan terrace. Perfect with a chilled glass of your favourite tipple… Salute!

Classic Pesto

Aromatic fragrant Basil, cheese and a touch of garlic combine to create Classic pesto one of the true stars of Italian cuisine made all the more delicious with the unique crunch of Pastinos. Boun Appetito!

Tomato and Sweet Basil

Tomato and Sweet Basil the most classic of Italian Pasta sauces that combines beautiful ripe tomato flavour laced with the unmistakable aroma of fragrant Basil. Buonissimo!

Four Cheeses

Four Cheese (Quattro Formaggi) is a uniquely Italian cheese flavour, rich, creamy and delivered with that unmistakable Pastinos crunch. Eccellente!


Available in 16 x 35g and 8 x 150g packets.

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