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The hub of a Comesto subscription is to get your company in front of buyers who are actively looking for what you supply. Our three levels of service all get you noticed and will supply you with hot leads. Our buyers include pubs, restaurants, cafes, hotels and specialist shops. Also wholesalers and distributors.

The clever thing about Comesto is that we are so much more than a listings, or price comparison service, we give live enticing information and opportunities specifically targeted to the needs of that buyer.

We improve your business offer in four main ways

Your Offer to our Buyers

Our buyers can search for what you supply, view your profile page and contact you direct, or they can post a request and if you supply it you will receive an alert through the Comesto system.

Free Business Software

All Comesto buyers have a social feed with notifications alerting them to information that will be beneficial for their business. Your news, and any updates will be promoted to buyers that fit your supply profile. Any posting will link directly to your profile page where the information will be displayed and will offer the opportunity to purchase directly.

Free Advertising

All levels of subscription offer a number of advertisements within the system. These are displayed on a buyer’s Members page and on the main Comesto site and blog. The B2B nature of Comesto means that our advertising is very targeted. It is programmatic and tagged so that any advertisement is only posted on a members page who has shown a potential need for what you supply.

Multi Level Publicity

We promote our supply side members in our blog. Our experienced journalists will use and promote your company news. New goods and services, pricing, senior appointments. Every news release, whatever will update and inform your prospects and customers. Think of it as free, very targeted PR.

Comesto Bronze

  • Business Profile
  • Listed in the Search Facility
  • Lead Alerts
  • Comesto-BlueCart Basic
  • Comesto-BlueCart upgrades available
  • Takestock membership to sell excess stock
  • PR via Comesto emagazine
  • Promotion in the Social Tool
  • One monthly advertisement
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Comesto Gold*

  • Bronze or Silver level services plus any of the following extra Marketing services including:
  • Website build
  • Branding
  • PR
  • Content Marketing
  • Traditional print marketing
  • Exhibition collateral and service
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*Gold details

0800 086 9722
  • Gold extra services are designed to your need, with the price kept lower than an outside agency will offer and we make these additions even more affordable by adding the costs to your monthly subscription.
  • Interested? Give us a call on 0800 086 9722, we can show you what we do and give you a price.

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