BALLERS Champagne

Not just a champagne but a lifestyle

In today’s world the name “BALLERS” holds a powerful worldwide representation: For those not only in the sports world, but those living an opulent lifestyle.

As described by “A baller is a basketball player or a successful person who lives a lavish lifestyle….”. It can also be used to describe “someone who or something that is skilful or excellent.”

Our position in the champagne market is middle to high end luxury with coolness for the younger generation that thrive to be like their sporting and celebrity idols. Those individuals that deserve the spotlight and the finer things in life!

Creating a champagne that grabs and holds your attention demands vigorous attention to detail.

It all starts from the planting of the vines, the continuous keep and growth, precision of the harvest and pressing, 400 years of family history, knowledge & expertise is what makes BALLERS.

Taking only the first press of each grape to maximise the purity in order to produce the very best 100% vegan and gluten free champagnes possible along with the underlying attention to detail of grape selection to ensure the juices are of vibrant fruit character & balanced acidity.

Then there are the expertise & master traditional techniques, creativity & skill to perfect the perfect blended balance.

Wholesale information
100% vegan and gluten free.

Using premium Cru Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes the first press is then stored in oak barrels to guarantee the full potential of each wine while in its minimum 36 month ageing process.

Gently rotation of the barrels by hand is key that enriches the wine with the compounds in the sediment.​ The underground cellars give the perfect dim lighting & cool temperature that enhances ballers champagne to perfection.