Fox Snacks

by | Mar 20, 2020

Fox Snacks is a favourite brand in Italian bars and cafes – and they are now available in the UK via Comesto.

For more than 25 years Fox Snacks has been producing top quality snacks from homegrown simple ingredients like corn, peanuts, rice, potatoes and vegetable oil. Their ‘Bar Italia’ snacks have a well-deserved reputation for a better taste and are of the highest quality.

The Pavone brothers Antonio and Massimo founded Fox Nut & Snacks to create a range of healthy and delicious products to accompany drinks.

Born into a farming family, the brothers grew up with a close connection to the land. Healthy food was a way of life and their dream was to create a business that would allow them to share it with everyone.

The USP of Fox Snacks is that the range is driven by the range of raw materials grown by the family on their farm – great basic ingredients supporting exciting recipes, flavourings and stylish branding.

There is also a choice of individual bags or multi-serve packs to serve in bowls for a more sophisticated look.

Parent company Bar Italia is dedicated to quality products and service; the goods have a long shelf life and the company offer a flexible and efficient ordering and fulfilment structure to support the quality of the goods. With professional brand support in the UK market, every item in the Fox product range is a quality snack supported by a dedicated support service to enable UK stockists to get the best out of their products. 

Comesto now stocks the full range of Fox Snacks crisps and tortilla chips, as well as some great eye-catching countertop mixed boxes to drive impulse purchases.

Check them out in our shop – and why not trial the range with a mixed case or two?

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