Fruits For Drinks

Maximum Taste Minimum Waste

Theatre in a glass!

Quick, easy, efficient – you can save time, speed up serving, and reduce waste In your bar, or drinks served to table or room.

No need to waste time and money prepping fruit and having waste at the end of it, simply use Fruits for Drinks to add to your drinks and cocktails for a zero effort and zero waste garnish.
Delicious freeze dried fruit cocktail garnish which completes the perfect drink – ideal for gin, vodka, rum, tequila, brandies, whiskies, prosecco, sparkling wines and champagnes, also great for lo/no alcohol or add to water to jazz it up and flavour
This is an ambient range of goods stored wherever you wish and ready whenever you need – a long shelf life and once opened stays good for NINE months! – No more prepping and no more waste
Theatre in your glass – cannot be done with fresh fruit!
Nothing added just water removed – high in vitamins and nutrients.

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