Green Roots Wine

Earth First, Sustainable Wine.

Green Roots Wine, the wine brand created with sustainability at its heart, coalescing our passion for the environment with our love for wine.
All of our wines are created with sustainability at their core, utilising our unique blend of passion for the environment, our love for wine and our years of experience in shipping wine. Every decision we have made has put the Earth first, ensuring our wine is better for the planet from grape to glass.

Winery and Vineyard
To minimise the impact of vineyards on the Earth, we only work with wineries who are committed to low-impact, sustainable farming methods. This involves water conservation, healthy soils and Earth-friendly pest management.

This is where we really start to make a difference! The traditional way of shipping wine involves shipping a container filled with 70% air halfway around the world – even more if you consider the bottles aren’t full. This is not remotely sustainable, nor an efficient use of energy. What Green Roots do is fill a recyclable vessel with wine (which takes up over 80% of the space within a container) directly at the winery and ship it to our packaging facility in the North of England. This step alone saves over 60% of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of a ‘normal’ wine.

Aluminium cans are the most sustainable way to get our wine to you. Aluminium works in a near closed loop in the UK – for every can recycled a new can is made, almost no new aluminium needs creating. We are aware that pouring and sharing wine from a glass bottle is one of the joys of wine, so we have also sourced the lightest (345g), UK produced glass bottles for our wines, which are made using approx. 67% recycled glass.

Our principles include being honest and open – we have made every decision in the creation of these wines with the Earth at the forefront of our minds. Our wines are all high quality, fresh, approachable, and vegan. Green Roots offers you the sustainable choice without having to compromise on price or quality.

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