La Tua Pasta

Artisan fresh pasta, handmade by our chefs

We pride ourselves on being an authentic “Pastificio” making fresh pasta following the most traditional Italian recipes. We specialize in fresh pasta because that’s what we are passionate about and what we do best.

Ever since we began as a small family business we have always made all of our pasta by hand to the most traditional Italian recipes. We pride ourselves on being a true “Pastificio” which means we make our own pasta in our own kitchen from scratch. The fillings are also all made from scratch, with each & every piece of Tortelloni folded by hand.

With over 200 different products and formats as well as bespoke ranges, you can be assured to find the perfect pasta to cater for your menu or events. We offer Super Fresh Pasta made overnight across all of London as well as longer life Pasteurized pasta or Frozen IQF formats across all of the UK and abroad. Our range is very versatile and enjoyed by chefs working in Restaurants, Hotels, Caterers, Gastro-pubs as well as stockists in Delis, Farm Shops, Food-halls or Online.

Every year the quality of our pasta has been recognised and awarded by The Guild of Fine Food. We are very proud that over the years we have received more than 70 awards – we think that this is an amazing achievement for a Pastificio. Our pasta has also been awarded by the Pizza and Pasta Industry Awards and the Caterer. We are a Great Taste Producer.

Wholesale information
Our Ingredients
From flour to eggs, cheeses and vegetables, we carefully source only the finest quality raw materials and ingredients. We solely work with suppliers where we are confident of the quality and consistency of the ingredient.

We don’t add any preservatives, colourants, additives or flavour enhancers.

Our Pasta is fresh and very versatile. It cooks in only 3-4 minutes. Our advice is to add some olive oil and cheese or a light sauce. However, it can also be paired with your favourite vegetables, sauce and topping for a five star feast!

Precautionary allergen warning
Due to the potential cross-contamination presence of mustard in some wheat flour coming into the UK from abroad all pasta products may contain mustard.