Monarchs Crisps

The crunch you’ve been missing

Monarchs Crisps was founded in 2020 by Alex & Greg, two former engineers with a single vision, making the best low carb crisps in the UK.
After craving crunchy snacks on a keto diet we set out to bake our own natural & delicious crisps made only from mature British cheddar and organic herbs & spices.

Our aim is to be a carbon neutral company, helping people live fuller lives without snackrifices. We are constantly working on reducing our footprint by utilizing recyclable packaging and efficient processes which minimize waste, all the while taking into careful consideration our environmental impact.

Here at Monarchs Crisps we are really proud to be officially Made in Britain. 100% of our value chain is in the UK. We exclusivity use Cheddar made in British dairy farms and we only work with British suppliers. Everything from the certified organic spices we source, recyclable pouches and shipping packaging, all the way down to the cars we use was made here in Britain.

We love doing our part in helping rebuild our economy by supporting local businesses and the British dairy industry.

Wholesale information
Enjoy all the benefits of low carb living the easy way with the perfect keto snack for every occasion.
Less than 2g of carbs per packet!

3 months guaranteed shelf life