We wanted to work with a brewery that was all about the beer

by | Mar 2, 2022

A great range of quality beers in stock and shifting fast

We wanted to work with a brewery that was all about the beer to give exciting new choices to our buyers and after an introduction to the team at Woodfordes, we had an instant match.

Our aim is to offer great beers UK-wide to discerning buyers who need to satisfy client demand with choice and quality and Woodfordes with their award-winning range is exactly what our trade buyers have been asking for.

Founded in 1981, Woodfordes is home to a wide range of beers and ales including two Supreme Champion Beers of Britain, and the FIFTYTWO° NORTH collection of craft beers. Named in honour of Parson James Woodforde, an 18th Century clergyman who wrote lovingly in his diaries of a love for good food and great beer. Their story starts in the 1960s during the new-wave revolution of home brewers creating authentic flavours & crafting their own beers.

They stay true to their values by using the best locally grown malt, carefully selected fresh whole hop flowers & water from the ancient aquifer below the brewery. This is quality beer without the bluster – beer first then the branding. The Woodfordes team delivers what professional trade buyers treasure, quality products and top-level service.

A great partnership.

And this is where Comesto comes in. With customers UK-wide and fast professional fulfilment services, we have teamed up with Woodfordes to sell and deliver their beer to bars that sell to beer lovers.

The ambition of Woodfordes to become a nationally recognised brand is supported by their smart understated branding. This is a brand that resonates anywhere, there’s no limitation by a link to a region and they aren’t promoting a lifestyle, it simply oozes a feel of traditional quality beer that looks inviting on the taps and in bottles and all with distinctive approachable names.

We have picked three of our favourites from their broad range detailed below. Please link through to their page on our shop here to find out more and purchase.

Wherry is a 3.8% ABV Amber beer floral on the nose with a citrus and grapefruit finish in the taste

Nog is a darker beer 4.8% ABV with a citrusy aroma and a spicy, fruity taste

Head Cracker is a pale gold beer with a hefty 7.0% ABV with a nose of orange and peach and a clean but sweet finish a connoisseurs beer with a punch

Take a look at the full range on offer from Comesto, great prices and fast deliveries when you want them.

Beer buying suddenly got better.

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