We love F&B

We’re building Comesto to better serve you, whether buyer or brand. We are building the solution we always wished existed. After spending years in the F&B world on both the buyer and brand side, we felt things were outdated and old fashioned. I’m sure you’ll agree.

We all LOVE food and drink, and this isn’t just us filling a gap in the market. We want to shake things up in a big way. Come join us on the journey!

We are on a mission

We are building an advanced technology platform that will ideally match buyers and brands together. No more endless searching for buyers, and independent brands won’t be lost on page 37 of the brochure.
We put your needs first and find the right companies and buyers to connect you with.

But it goes beyond that. We want to connect and support you through the journey. We want you to feel valued, and show you that we care deeply about making this industry better.
Get in touch with us and tell us how we can improve your business!

Meet our founder

Hi, I’m Valentine, the CEO,
I’ve always had a deep love for all things F&B. I started my career at Diageo and later opened my own media agency. Outside of work, I’ve always loved cooking, and have a passionate interest in healthy and sustainable food systems. I have mentored many new F&B brands, and after hearing the challenges they faced matched my experiences in F&B trade, the idea for Comesto was born.

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