Brosé Wines

There’s a party and you are invited

It’s no secret that Slim Aarons photography and specifically his pool side artwork really inspired the creation of Brosé Grandeur. For us his work encapsulates everything around our brand and the lifestyle that it’s partnered with, fun in the sun with friends.

Our mission was to create a leading male focused rosé wine. To fill a gap in the market by providing the male audience with a quality drink, aimed at them, that isn’t beer or spirits. To be recognised world wide as the Rosé wine men want to be associated with. To create an affluent bottle of Rosé at an attainable price point. To include men in a premium brand that is fashionable, current and on point.

A product that isn’t out of reach for those men who want to be associated with amore sophisticated drink.

In March 2019 Brosé Grandeur was born. A crisp, dry, copper coloured, light bodied rosé. That should be served cold with plenty of ice.
We are Brosé Grandeur, thank you for being part of this story.

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