Hill Hassall Botanics

Make any drink more exciting with Eucalyptus Cordial

Be bold. Try something different.

Hill Hassall Botanics presents a light cordial, delicately infused with Eucalyptus leaves. This cordial is known on the Isle of Wight for it’s refreshing, soothing taste with citrus overtones. Sophisticated, yet perfectly balanced to rejuvenate and lift your spirits. A superb drink for those seeking a non-alcoholic option, or superb still for those wishing to use as a mixer with alcoholic drinks such as gin, vodka and sparkling wines.

When our botanist foraged through our botanic garden with a medicinal herbalist, it was the tall Eucalyptus trees with their strong smelling aromatics that most captured their attention.

Recognising the wisdom of the Ancient Aborigines, they wondered in what creative way we could bring the magic of Eucalyptus into the world.

It wasn’t long until our Chef had handpicked the leaves and began extracting the flavours. Soon we had concocted the first bottle of Eucalyptus Cordial and our early tasters loved it.

Inspired by the pioneering life of Dr. Arthur Hill Hassall, the distinguished Victorian scientist-physician, chemist and microscopist who is primarily known for his work in public health and food safety and who founded The National Cottage Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest in Ventnor, on the Isle of Wight where Ventnor Botanic Garden is today.

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