Homewrecker Pimento Cheese

The New Must Have Condiment

Homewrecker pimento cheese is an irresistible blend of grated Cheddar, cream cheese and piquante peppers, perked right up with a secret spice mix.

Hailing from the southern states of the USA, wherever burgers dogs and bakes are served pimento cheese is the topping of choice. But it’s much more than that, it’s a fast serve way of boosting a huge range of dishes and giving your offer something new and distinctove.

There’s so many uses for Homewrecker, and it’s not just an ingredient. Our customers utilise it as a paid for extra when clients create their burger, grill or bake. Favourites include:

  • Mac and Homewrecker. Brings a bite and warmth to a Mac without spoiling the texture and untuousness
  • Cheesy bangers and mash with a dash
  • Tacos, quesedillas and a whole range of Mexican dishes
  • Steaks and other meaty grills
  • And of course burgers and hot dogs
  • And so much more – ask us for a recipe sheet

Minimum Order of Two Cases 6x200g tubs per case

Wholesale information

Currently available in cases of multi serve pots branded and ideal for paid for toppings. We will soon be offering plain larger catering packs for the kitchen.