King of Saffron

Grade 1 award-winning Saffron from Afghanistan

For far too long hundreds of farmers in Afghanistan have been exploited for a rare commodity: saffron.

Growing up with his mother in the West Midlands, Harris Qais, a young Afghan-born CEO, was inspired by his mother to help people back in their home country who have grown up knowing nothing but war, exploitation and sorrow. Determined to help those less fortunate than himself, Harris set out on a mission to regenerate Afghanistan’s saffron agriculture and to transform the way the world trades and uses saffron.

The first task was to find the respected saffron dynasties in Afghanistan; the families who have been involved in the trade for generations, with whom he could begin working to help polish and present this fine, rare commodity.

The second priority for Harris was to ensure quality throughout the entire supply chain, from improving testing capabilities to developing extensive knowledge into what makes the best saffron.

For Harris, the simplicity of King of Saffron is in cutting out the middlemen and working directly with the farmers himself. Being able to reconnect with the land, the locals and the language reinforces his love for his country. It is this love he plans on channelling to give hope back to those who grew up in a war-torn country – and for generations to come.

With counterfeit and contaminated saffron awash in the market it’s hard for regular consumers to have confidence in knowing what real saffron looks, feels, smells and tastes like. King of Saffron only supply the finest Afghan saffron . ​Afghan Saffron has been voted the No.1 spot out of 30 competing regions 3 years running by the International Taste and; Quality Institute.

Wholesale information

King of Saffron ensures Protected Designation of Origin of it’s Saffron from the number 1 country Afghanistan as voted by the International Taste and Quality Institute.

King of Saffron Saffron is tested in accordance with the ISO Standard 3632 and FDA approved.

The Saffron is also independently tested by our partners at Aston University.