Lava Spirits Co.

Small batch flavoured spirits

After many glorious years living in Italy, immersed in the dolce vita, followed by a successful career in the City of London, Laura Bridge, founder of Lava Spirits Co. realised that she needed to unleash her creativity and try something new.

Italy was her inspiration. Fond memories of sipping espressos in Tuscany’s hidden cafés, full of chatter and charm, led Laura to blend together coffee and gin, perfecting her alchemy until she was emulating the balance of flavours, she remembered so well.

Lava Spirits combine sultry, rich and indulgent South American coffee with the most quintessential of English spirits, to create a unique and versatile drink, perfect for any moment. A refined drink and a melting pot of cultures, Lava Spirits are distilled and handcrafted in the heart of the English countryside, using the finest quality, expertly roasted Arabica coffee beans.

Let Lava Spirits tantalise your palate and enrapture your mood – embrace the moment.

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The coffee

LAVA Spirits found the perfect coffee to complement its gin in this wonderful blend of two South American Arabica coffee beans, produced in one of the most stunning regions of the world.

Think lush, verdant landscapes and crystal clear streams and waterfalls. A place where nature and animals can thrive, where local farms operate sustainably, working to preserve the surrounding lands. These fertile lands have a perfect micro-climate to grow the most stunning coffee.

The coffee farms we use receive more than Fairtrade prices for their crops, which not only ensures a better quality of life for them and their communities, but it also means investment can be made back into their farms, helping to create better quality year on year.

When these two beans are combined and expertly roasted to extract their natural sweetness, drinking them as an espresso is pure heaven!

This heavenly, beautifully-balanced flavour pairs smoothly with the sublime London dry gin that we use in all our spirits, and caresses the palate, with wonderfully sweet notes of marzipan, chocolate and cherry.