Mixtons Cocktails

Classic Cocktails With A Twist

Created to surprise tastebuds, ignite curiosity and turn the mundane into the memorable.

The cocktail industry was broken and the Mixtons founders felt part of the problem.

With fusty rules, archaic recipes and the same recipes being copied over and over and over again, cocktails had lost their magic. Lost their spirit. This had to change and so Mixtons was born.

Cocktails are a special drink for special occasions. Full of innovation and taste exploration, this wasn’t reflected outside of an expensive speakeasy bar setting.

We designed Mixtons for anyone who believes that the best things happen when you step away from the old-fashioned and the ordinary, and into the unknown.

How? Simple classic cocktails with a twist.

Wholesale information

The Mixtons Cocktails range is priced on Comesto for the trade, but we think this shouldn’t mean high MOQs. Together with Mixtons we believe that you should be able to buy single cases if that’s what you need.