Protermars Snacks

Make a healthy choice

Foods reformulated in factories cannot reproduce the complex combinations of nutrients that nature itself has designed.

A healthy diet consists of two simple concepts. One: maintain a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates and lipids. Two: consume the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals. Cover these basic aspects and you will have enough energy to give power to your body’s cells and enough nutrients to prevent diseases caused by deficiencies.

The healthiest foods are those that have undergone a limited processing, our snacks are 100% natural and very rich in protein. Can be consumed at any time of the day and if you want to include them in your daily diet, along with sports, it will definitely help you to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Our air dried meat is made from all-natural ingredients, fat-free and in a simple handmade process that yields a snack in the purest form, also is free from any artificial ingredients or preservatives. We keep it simple to celebrate the natural meat flavour.

Wholesale information
A rich source of natural proteins
Minimum amount of fats and carbohydrates
Gives you the energy you need throughout the day
Ideal snacks between meals
Requires a minimum storage space
Easily transported on a trip
Have a long shelf life
Prepared from the best quality meat
To prepare 100 grams of snacks, we use about 400 grams of fresh meat
100 grams serving has over 85 grams of protein
The meat is air dried in perfect condition
Snacks do not contain preservatives, sugar or chemical ingredients