Rustle Snacks

Chef inspired gourmet crisps

Great Taste Award winners!

The finest gourmet potato chips. Hand cooked to a wonderful satisfying crunch. Enhanced with subtle, inspiring, clean flavours. Every flavour an ingredient. Loved by chefs from around the world. Each with its own history and heritage that adds value and differentiation.

It all began in Croatia’s truffle-rich region, where Julian, a passionate chef and Marc, a talented designer crafted their inaugural crisp using a long time favourite of chefs worldwide, The Truffle.

The focus being on the simple purity of a remarkable ingredient, Wild black truffle and dusting it onto a stunning locally hand cooked potato chip.

This extraordinary blend of wild black truffle and locally sourced gourmet crisps quickly gained a following, captivating food enthusiasts across the globe, from the UK to Mexico.

From there, they ventured to Hungary, exploring the sweet and smoky allure of Paprika.

Most recently they have captured the fruity spicy twang of the Mexican Jalapeño.

There really is something for everyone in the range.

A perfect indulgent savoury snack.

Wholesale information

We have a three case minimum order for Rustle Snacks – one of each flavour or any mix as you choose