Salty Dog

The gourmet snacks that bite back

It was in 2002 when Dave Willis, fed up with delivering other people’s crisps, thought “we could make better crisps than those currently sitting in the back of my van. ” Judy, his wife, fully agreed and soon afterwards Salty Dog crisps were born.

The name is a glowing tribute to Dave’s loveable cabin buddy Ruby, a terrier puppy. The business blossomed and in 2007 Salty Dog found himself given an all natural younger sister, Darling Spuds, who has been turning heads and breaking hearts ever since.

Were you aware, that besides living underground, peanuts aren’t strictly speaking pea-sized nuts? More like peas with a nutty twang. We know this, not because we spend too much time partaking in pub quizzes but because Salty Dog now dabbles in extra nibbly nuts. At least now no-one can accuse us of being a one-trick puppy, because you can now buy bags of the finest peanuts and cashews, in beautifully bold Salty Dog packaging which come complete with a free funky display card.

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