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Comesto Fulfilment terms and conditions


TYour Profile Page
We will email you a link to your Comesto Profile Page so that you can approve all of your brand and product details before going live on

Pricing, Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and Shipping

A – Pricing*
This is the price Comesto will advertise and sell the product for.

B – Minimum Order Quantity
This is the minimum number of items accepted per order we have agreed between us.

C – Invoice
When a sale is made, we will ask you for an invoice equivalent to 75% of the value of ‘A’, this will be the sales value you should use for your own accounting purposes.

D – Shipping
We will fulfil the order.

Once you have approved your profile and all brand and product details, we will:

  • Agree and hold a consignment stock of your products in our fulfilment centre(s), you will be charged a low receipt and storage charge for this, paid monthly.
  • Publish your profile live on
  • Promote your brand and products to our buyers and through our network of agents.
  • Manage incoming orders, including payment processing.
  • Our systems will generate order notification to our fulfilment partner(s) and simultaneously generate an invoice for payment for the value of ‘C’ (see above) so that you can raise an invoice to us and we can speedily transfer funds to you.
  • Because you are using our fulfilment service we will provide Pick/Pack/Delivery of the goods to our customer.
  • We will provide information from our systems so that you can see your order and invoice totals at any given time.
  • You will receive Consignment stock replenishment notifications.
  • Comesto Services Limited does not purchase stock – consignment stock in law means that as a supplier the stock remains in your ownership and is your responsibility.
  • Claims for missing and damaged stock are therefore the responsibility of our fulfilment partners and chosen couriers as part of their standard terms and conditions. 

E – Delivery To Our Warehouse

The cost of shipping your goods to our warehouse is your responsibility as a Supplier. This includes imports into the UK from non-UK-based suppliers. As a non-UK Supplier, you are also responsible for paying taxes and customs costs as well as UK-side transport to our warehouse.

This is our contract with you and any changes by either party need to be notified in writing 30 days prior to any change.

*All prices shown are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

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