Lightly alcoholic sparkling water

Whisp is a refreshing, low calorie, lightly alcoholic sparkling water – the perfect accomplice to a balanced lifestyle.

At Whisp we believe in karma, so we tread lightly – we don’t use any plastic packaging, we’re made in the UK to keep our carbon footprint down, and we’re low in sugar, calories and alcohol to avoid nasty hangovers!

Whisp is the ideal accomplice to a healthier lifestyle and vibrant social life – perfect for when you want to relax with a drink at night, but still be up for a run in the morning.

Our 100% natural ingredients are sustainably sourced wherever possible, and totally vegan! We don’t use sweeteners or preservatives, and even add milk thistle, our detox hero, to tackle inflammation and support a healthy liver.

We plant 12 trees a month for every Whisp team member in conjunction with Offset Earth. It’s our long-term pledge to be climate positive. At the moment we’re a team of 2, so 288 trees will be planted, saving 28 tonnes of CO2.

We’re proud to be one of only 19% of startups founded by women. Created by Harriet, a personal trainer and life of the party in search of balance, Whisp is a refreshing choice when you want to drink less, but drink better.

Up for the hang out, not the hangover

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