Heroes and Heretics The Cachaca Roller (2 cases MOQ)



A refreshing low calorie, low-alcohol Cachaca-based hard seltzer.

24 x 330ml cans in a case

This distinctive refreshing hard seltzer is made by Heroes and Heretics, a specialised spirits company with a formidable reputation for sourcing top quality whisky and other spirits. They describe themselves and their clients as a collective of enthusiasts dedicated to drinking and investing in the best and pushing the boundaries to find new flavours. For drinkers who appreciate a grown-up flavour to their seltzers, the Cachaca Roller offers quality and depth and is a refreshing drink that is suitable for all seasons. The cans have a quality feel and a sophisticated brand image with an eye-catching black background and ogo that prompts customer interest. The hard seltzer market is growing fast, and choice is important; this rum version will add a new dimension to your range that your customers will want more of.


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