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Welcome to our November edition of the Comesto Magazine

Introducing some of the new brands available to purchase on our platform and The Grapevine one of our new buyers.

Seeing is Believing

We invited nine of our Comesto brands to a video shoot at Sam’s Bar at the Belfry Golf Club. Our aim was to create a series of ‘best serve’ videos for trade buyers.

A Real Post-Lockdown Success Story

The Grapevine is a modern distinctive high street wine bar and eatery in Woburn that’s been open for all of seven weeks and a committed customer of Comesto products.

Quality Teas with Italian Style

If your business serves an afternoon tea or just prides itself on a good range of quality teas for clients to choose from, Babingtons is your new addition to the offer.

Your Bar Needs The World’s Best Contemporary Gin

Comesto is quickly gaining a reputation in the on-trade for its collection of premium gins with great trade prices.

We drink what we can and we can what we can’t

When it comes to drinks, sometimes a single brand becomes the sector, others will copy, but that one brand remains the go to. Think Red Bull for energy drinks and now think DEFY for canned wines.