Jess Cooks – a range of exciting nutritious and delicious frozen meals for kids

by | Jul 7, 2022

This is what the industry has been waiting for. A range of exciting nutritious and delicious frozen meals for kids is ready for catering menus now from the Comesto shop

Ask any chef catering for family meals and they will tell you that supplying a kids menu is a pain, fiddly, low in profit margin and the standard choices from foodservice are not healthy or exciting.

We have worked with Jess Cooks to offer a new range of delicious frozen meals for kids designed specifically for wherever families eat out. A parent (and chef) pleasing range that will add differentiation and quality to your menu and speed up your service.

Parents will be pleased to have healthy options to choose from and your catering team will enjoy quick to prepare, perfectly portioned products to keep service running smoothly without compromising on quality.

Jess Cooks are rewriting the rulebook on feeding kids while making it easier for foodservice providers to offer children more exciting healthier flavour-packed meals when they eat out

Every pack of Jess Cooks….

  • Is bursting with delicious flavours and textures
  • Is packed full of at least three types of added veg
  • Is made from 100% British meat (apart from the Veggie ones)
  • Is low in salt and contains no added sugar
  • Contains no artificial ingredients

Jess Mackenzie founder of Jess Cooks says:

“For too long children’s menus have been dominated by chips, chips and yet more chips! We’re in the midst of a national children’s obesity crisis, and as a mum of two myself I think kids and their parents deserve better. Jess Cooks is the perfect way to liven up any children’s menu, making it healthier and more exciting, whilst also making life easier for chefs and kitchen staff…”

The range includes the following dishes:

  • Beef Bolognese
  • Pork Ragu
  • Mild Chicken Tikka
  • Caribbean-Style Chicken Curry
  • Morrocan-Style Lamb Meatballs
  • Veggie Tikka Curry (suitable for vegans)
  • Veggie Shepherds Pie

Each serving is an individual 240g 6 packs per case and an MOQ of 4 cases.

As ever with Comesto the delivery is fast and free

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