Welcome to the Summer edition of the Comesto Magazine

by | Jul 7, 2022

Welcome to the Summer edition of Comesto Magazine and in this edition we are highlighting opportunities to combat the effects of the cost of living rise for your business and asking how can premiumisation survive against a background of consumers needing to save money?

We also have articles introducing three great new product ranges in our shop and an eye-catching initiative from Woodfordes Brewery to get people out of the house and into their pubs. And finally, we have some great tips for creating a sustainable Summer menu for your customers to tuck into.

Let’s make the most of the Summer

On the home front, the media mood music is all about making do, saving money and buying the cheapest, but out of home is different and always has been. Alongside the need to get out and mingle, meet friends and in the Summer visit our wonderful pub gardens, there is a firm requirement for what we buy to eat and drink to feel like a treat – and God knows we need it.

So savvy operators will be investing in the new and the tempting, items that make it worthwhile going out and returning, reminding people that it’s fun to go out this is why RTD (ready to drink) cocktails are doing such good trade. Alongside fun products and quality products, another purchasing requirement that’s part of premiumisation is the ethical choice market and this is still important in the minds of consumers here’s some compelling evidence.

A premium ethical brand that’s a best seller

Go downmarket in your offer and you limit the opportunities to impress and delight with a range of products that are not only more environmentally friendly but support smaller independent producers. At Comesto our biggest seller by volume during the Spring has been Rubies in the Rubble tomato ketchup, pubs, restaurants and chip shops all buying an alternative to a ubiquitous brand leader. Alongside the fact that the Rubies range tastes great with amazing branding and a clear ethical message, (their ketchup is made from tomatoes that would otherwise be wasted), its popularity is a clear indication that operators do see the value in providing a new exciting alternative.

And really that’s what Comesto is all about working with savvy operators to get better, exciting products from passionate independent producers into the supply chain, delivered when you want them and with tempting trade prices.

Three new exciting products in the Comesto shop

Delivering to our claim of supplying new alternatives is Bodha Drinks – if you serve Indian, Middle Eastern or pan Asian dishes, you will know that for many customers beer or wine is often seen as too heavy or sweet to go with these cuisines. We are delighted to introduce Bodha a range of subtly spiced soft drinks designed to match spicy food. Available to buy now as soft drinks or as mixers for customers needing a drink with a kick to match their food. Find out more here.

MIx it Make it is a new concept in cocktail mixes, they supply everything but the spirits. Enabling busy bar staff to make up and mix classic cocktails by the jug. Find out here how this can add a high-profit new line to your bar offer.

And for many of us who take some effort to make sure our children get a healthy but pleasing diet, let’s face facts the average pub range for kids is not really hitting the mark – this is all about to change. We are delighted to be working with Jess Cooks a successful and trusted producer of healthy and exciting frozen meals for kids. They have teamed up with Comesto to offer a range of better dishes that will delight kids, parents and busy caterers. Check them out here.

Comesto favourite Woodfordes Brewery has launched their ‘2022 Ale Trail.’ The intention is to get more people to visit different pubs supporting the landlords and staff that supply the experience and hospitality that we all enjoy. It’s a prizes for pints concept (what’s not to like)?

And finally, we deliver our thoughts on how to impress with a sustainable summer menu. A few tips and profiles of some of the producers we work with that can help you supply a tasty good feeling to your offer and tick the box for giving back to our hard-working independent producers.

Take a look at what Comesto can do for your business.

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