Mix It Make It – ready to drink cocktail mixes

by | Jul 6, 2022

Mix it Make it Cocktails is a new offer designed to speed up serving a range of classic cocktails for busy bars

Their USP is that they supply everything but the base spirits. Sachets of flavour to add to your own range of spirits, fast and easy to create and serve and very cost-effective.

The growing availability of ready to drink (RTD) cocktail mixes at a time when experienced bar staff are in short supply has created a real success story giving customers choice and competitively priced cocktails as the hospitality industry opened after COVID. The Mix it Make it approach takes this concept one step further in a very practical way with no major investment required.

Each sachet provides enough flavourings for four servings, so in essence, this is all about providing customers with sharing jugs of classic cocktails. Your choice of spirits from what you stock, or (what you don’t get from the RTD offer) you can give the customer a choice of spirit as you would with a traditional cocktail.

The range starts off with three hugely popular mixes – Margarita, Daiquiri, and Gimlet. Selling cocktails by the jugful is a high-profit, sharing concept that will add a party feel to your offer. Sharing food dishes is becoming more popular, in pubs wine has moved from by the glass to shared bottles, so why not cocktails?

The range is vegan friendly and free from anything artificial and has also been tested with popular no/lo alcohol spirits so preparing less boozy versions is a simple task.

We see Mix it Make it as a great new product range in the Comesto trade shop, another profit creating, footfall increasing unique offer to help your business grow.

Buy it here and get mixing.