Bodha Drinks for Asian foods

by | Jul 6, 2022

Bodha is a new range of soft drinks designed to match Indian and pan Asian dishes

Many diners struggle to find a drink that goes really well with their meal when they go out for a curry, a Thai meal or dishes in a middle eastern restaurant. Bodha is a great new alternative to beer or wine inspired by recipes and ingredients that have been used for centuries across Asia and the Middle East. A range of premium drinks with uniquely delightful blends that are brimming with Eastern flavour.

The underlying ethos of the company, created by good friends Ros Gears and Subha Rao, is that they believe food and drink have the power to unite cultures. This neatly sums up the essence of what the drinks actually offer and what the founders believe is the USP of the brand. For the first time, a soft drink range that actually works with a broad range of Asian and middle eastern dishes that is also great as a standalone soft drink offer.

Our taste for alcoholic drinks when we dine out is not forgotten, the Bodha range can also be used as a new exciting mixer with spirits. Most vodkas and lightly flavoured gins work well with Bodha drinks giving diners a drink with a kick that not only complements the food but also doesn’t have the heavy or over sweet feeling supplied by beers and wines, letting the taste of the food shine through.

The Range

Rose & Cardamom
Sparkling water, sugar, rose extracts (1.6%), cardamom extract (0.1%), natural rose flavouring,

Ginger Spice
Sparkling water, sugarcane jaggery, lemon and lime Juice. Extracts (ginger (0.3%), black pepper, spice (0.2%), Himalayan pink salt.

Chilli Lemonade
Sparkling water, sugar, lemon (4.8%) and lime Juice, chilli extract (0.8%). Spice and herb extracts, black carrot concentrate, Himalayan pink salt, and turmeric extract.

The whole range is vegan-friendly, gluten-free and low in calories and with great trade prices and low minimum order quantities available from Comesto, Bodha is an ideal way to broaden the appeal of your drinks offer.

Soft drinks to match Asian food.

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