Comesto and 59Club Raising Standards in the Hospitality Industry

by | Jul 6, 2020

The standard of customer experience in golf clubs has risen to extraordinary levels over recent years. As with all membership environments ensuring that paying guests and members are looked after and receive the best service is now seen as the critical factor for ensuring loyalty and maximising retention of membership.

In golf circles, a lot of the credit for the customer-focused improvements goes to 59Club a mystery shopping and benchmarking service working with over 150 golf clubs in the UK enabling them to receive detailed feedback about every aspect of the service they offer.

A large part of what 59Club will assess and recommend in an improvements package is based around hospitality. Ten years ago the food and drink offer in most golf clubs was at best basic, dated and failed to make use of most often great infrastructure and a ready and waiting membership. The fine detail 59Club feeds back to its clients is based on deep research and expertise and now armed with ten years of experience in golf club hospitality they are branching out into the broader hospitality world.

Key F&B stats generated by 59club for a restaurant delivering 5,000 covers a month based on their mystery shopping and benchmarking process.

  • Additional drinks being upsold during a dining experience only occurs 36% of the time
  • Starters and Side Dishes are only upsold 16% of the time when a main is ordered
  • Desserts are only offered following mains on 30% of visits
  • Only 14% of upsells feature a recommendation from a server

This translates to hard figures of currently missing a potential £44k in Dessert and £48k in Beverage upselling opportunity when compared to their best performing competitors.

“By their nature 59Club clients are clubs that are working towards excellence. It’s a valuable service that provides satisfaction surveys across every aspect of what a golf club offers.”Phil Grice Chairman GM of Royal Norwich Golf Club Ltd and Chairman of the Golf Club Managers Association

A new offer for hospitality and a great deal for Comesto customers

In partnership with Comesto 59Club are branching out into the general on-trade. For the first time operators in the independent pub and restaurant sector can get an in-depth benchmarking report based on every aspect of their offer. 59Club is offering a full assessment of your business from a customer’s eye view. A ‘mystery shopper’ will highlight everything good and bad about the customer experience you offer and deliver a comprehensive report detailing what is working, what should be kept and how to improve the experience drilling down in fine detail around every aspect of your business.

And a great deal for Comesto brands

Every hospitality Purchasing Manager in the over 150 Uk golf clubs working with 59Club now has the Comesto purchasing portal as part of their support package. This. is a key market for Comesto and our brands. This a market constantly looking to improve their offer and impress a discerning clientele. Comesto offers exciting new quality brands from the UK and beyond and over the next 12 months we will be putting our brands in front of buyers in a series of round tables as well as Comesto themed evenings showcasing our brands to golf club members creating sales and providing feedback to further grow our brands in this impressive market.

Find exciting new quality brands from the UK and beyond.

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