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by | Nov 16, 2021

If your business serves an afternoon tea or just prides itself on a good range of quality teas for clients to choose from, Babingtons is your new addition to the offer.

We stock the full range on Comesto, we have sampled with some of our top venues and we are delighted to present here the story behind the brand and the key reasons to buy.

Babingtons Tea Rooms were founded in Rome in 1893 by two well to do, fabulously eccentric and genteel British ladies, Miss Babington & Miss Cargill. On the Grand Tour along with many Victorians of their day, they sought a refuge from the heat where ladies could relax, read the daily journals, discuss the news & events of the time and of course, enjoy a cup of the finest, health-giving teas.
Years & years ahead of their time, they were in fact, emancipated entrepreneurs with an added dash of British eccentricity, style & wit.

This unique spirit endures to this day. Babingtons, located at the foot of the iconic Spanish Steps, is still owned & led by descendants of the founders – Rory Bruce & Chiara Bedini.

Chiara says, “We don’t serve tea, we serve the unique Babingtons experience & story in a cup”.
The world now comes to Babingtons Rome, with over 50,000 international guests per annum – plus of course, their devoted Italian customers who have loved them for generations.

Rory & Chiara realised that this elixir was limited to the people who came through the door in Rome. However passionate these customers were, there was an underlying frustration that more people could not enjoy Babingtons. If the world comes to Babingtons, why not take Babingtons to the world?
We’re hands-on in our dedication to sourcing and delivering our teas ethically and sustainably. Whether it’s personally visiting our partners and growers around the world or finding ways to make our packaging better for the planet, our mission is to bring discerning clientele quiet moments in cups of tea with the utmost integrity.

All Natural
We use only the finest all-natural ingredients that can be traced to their source. All of our teas are hand-blended and packaged in the UK and Europe to the highest European standards.

Social Responsibility
Not only do we screen all of our suppliers, but we believe in supporting sustainable communities.
Through our Babingtons Foundation, we deliver courses and programmes that educate and empower young girls and boys living in poverty in Darjeeling, providing them with opportunities to build skills, generate much-needed income, and benefit the local area over the long term.

Environmental Responsibility
We use biodegradable filters and packaging, we use no plastic and our range of re-usable tea caddies helps us to reduce waste and meet our consumer needs. Throughout the entire process of selecting, processing and bringing our teas to market, we find ways to reduce our impact and invest in quality that lasts.

Babingtons offers a range of ten blends in three formats, Loose-leaf pouches and bags formed from a combination of classic favourites and best-selling teas from our famous tea room in Rome:

Miss Babingtons 125
A truly enchanting blend of black teas with roses, vanilla and elderflower to celebrate the founders of Babingtons.

Earl Grey Imperial
A traditional, intense blend of black tea and bergamot, enriched with lemon peel and vibrant flowers.

Karha Chai
A warm and spicy black tea, enriched with a medley of traditional chai spices.

Royal White Passion
A refreshing blend of white pai mu tan tea bursting with notes of tropical passion fruit.

Moroccan Secret
A refreshing green gunpowder tea enriched with mint leaves.

Madame Blue Lady
A sweet and scented blend of green tea with strong floral notes of cherry blossom and hints of tropical fruits.

Forest Fruits
A healthy herbal tea, with the delicious taste of forest fruits and berries.

African Nights
A rich and sweet rooibos with bold almond flavours and hints of juice red berries.

Sweet Dreams
A relaxing herbal tea prepared with chamomile, rose petals, fennel, lemon balm, linden blossom, lavender.

Check out the range on their Comesto page and choose a few to try for your first order. And our tip? If you serve a rooibos tea the Babingtons African Queen is simply the most distinctive and potent rooibos we have ever tasted. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed.

Check out the Babingtons range on the Comesto shop

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