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by | Jul 1, 2021

It’s a perfect model for creating a successful drinks company.

Xhulio an experienced mixologist opens his own bar in Catford, his wife Natalie joins the business and the distinctive quality cocktail selection Xhulio creates quickly gets an enthusiastic loyal following. Customers want to take the cocktails home with them and other local outlets get to hear about the quality of the drinks, so why not create a range of cocktails in bottles and sell from their own retail outlet. And so Bottle Bar and Shop was born.

However, it’s not that simple. If you are going to create a broad range of pre-mixed cocktails in bottles, keep the quality, keep out the nasty additives and match the taste of the freshly made version, it takes skill and dedication. And that’s before you look at branding, bottle size, a broad range of production requirements and finally can it be done at a commercially viable price? The hard work on the product has paid off, (we know we have tasted the whole range), the branding is classy and distinctive and the prices for both retail and wholesale are remarkable, this is quality fast serves of favourites supplied at price levels that will tempt most trade buyers.

We found out about the Bottle Bar and Shop range through a trade contact and following a meeting with Xhulio we knew we wanted to get involved. Our task is to get this brand sold wherever cocktails are required out of home, but this is an offer that will carry beyond the high street bar and restaurant environment. Xhulio has wisely invested in his range being available in not only larger sharing/pouring sizes but also single and twin serve versions. This opens up a huge range of possibilities for serving cocktails when a trained mixer is not available.

With a surprisingly long shelf life, the bottle format is ready for self serve or delivered from the bar. This creates opportunities for use at corporate events, entertainment venues and outdoor events. We have interest from golf clubs and other premium sporting customers and we have a hotel chain looking at the single and double serves as an enticing addition to their mini-bar range. An instant quality cocktail in your hotel room has to be a winner.

Pre-mix cocktails is an exciting sector that resonates well with today’s market, but it’s only now we are getting serious quality brands coming to market. Take a look at the range available at great trade prices and fast flexible delivery options – improve your drinks offer with no investment in staff and no extra training.

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