Tequila inspired by the Mexican Revolution

by | Jun 30, 2020

If you are going to stock a tequila make sure it’s the real thing.

Provenance is more than a nice back story it’s the heart of what a product offers and the assurance that you are buying quality. And tequila more than any other spirit has to be of the finest quality to offer the real experience and Pancho Datos is the respected Mexican Tequila brand that has real provenance and a growing following in the UK and elsewhere.

In 1947 Ricardo Grijalva de Leon gave life to the character Pancho Datos by writing great poems about his experiences in the Mexican Revolution. His grandson Luis Carlos Grijalva chose to honour his grandfather’s legacy through creating a new tequila brand a proudly Mexican product available through Comesto.

Pancho Datos Silver
A premium Tequila Plata – Un-aged, natural and beautifully smooth with an exquisite balance of herbal, slightly sweet and peppery notes. It is ideal for a classic Margarita and works well with a good tonic water. Buy it here

Pancho Datos Reposado
Tequila Reposado – Rested for 6 months in ex-bourbon American White Oak casks, offering the perfect blend of agave, vanilla, caramel and wood flavours. This a tequila for sipping neat or as a base for some great cocktails. Buy it here

All Pancho Datos Drinks are accredited by the Tequila Regulatory Council a conformity assessment body accredited by the Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA) safeguarding the Denomination of Origin of Tequila, both nationally and internationally, to guarantee the authenticity of Tequila to the consumer.

Available to order on the Comesto shop now at tasty trade prices.

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